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This is us

Sue and I moved to Leverett in 2017 after spending more than 35 years in Salem and Hamilton, Mass. 

Sue is a clay artist who teaches classes out of our house. She can make ANYTHING out of ANYTHING! She's done everything from large sculptures that have covered our house to theater props and backdrops to beautiful clay works. Walking into and through our house is to experience the full spectrum of her artistic talent. Her artist website is 

If you are interested in clay classes email Sue HERE and visit her Clay Class Facebook page HERE.

I am a former editor for Boston newspapers who is looking for a new adventure. For 10 years, I published an online music magazine called Modern Acoustic ( I find most of my joy in the simple pleasures of life -- planting and picking the vegetable garden, stacking wood, going to farmers' markets, etc. I'm not retired, I just act like it!

We enjoy all the nature Western Mass. has to offer -- hiking, kayaking, biking -- as well as the art, local farms, and the lovingly eccentric characters who inhabit the area.

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