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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Anyone who lives in the Valley will immediately recognize this view. It's probably the top spot we take guests when they come out to visit -- especially in the Fall. We recently took Sue's sister and her beau, in town from Las Vegas, and it was just a reminder of how absolutely stunning the Valley is.

You could call Mt. Sugarloaf in South Deerfield a tourist attraction, which I guess it is. Though I've rarely seen it so crowded you couldn't enjoy the view from any of the three decks of the observation tower at the top.

Autumn here is legendary. You're willing to put up with the long, crappy winters if you get a couple months of the colors and flavors and 60- to-70-degree days that precede it. This year truly lived up to the promise.

What makes the view from the top of Mt. Sugarloaf so exceptional is how clearly you can pick out your surroundings.

The geometrical shapes of the farm fields with the Connecticut River winding through give way to the UMass campus in the near distance and the Valley foothills beyond. Up the spiral staircase to the tiny observation deck on the third level, you can see nearly 360 degrees (some trees do block a complete view to the north).

The mountain, at a mere 652 feet to the summit, is an easy hike up a paved road, and for those who aren't into the walk, there is ample parking (for a $5 fee) at the top.

For more info on Mt. Sugarloaf, click HERE.

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